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Dr. İlhami Güllüoğlu MD

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Urology | Gaziosmanpasa | Turkey
| Years of Experiences

Istinye University Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Hospital, Turkey

  • Dr. İlhami Güllüoğlu is a renowned urologist doctor who presently works in the urologist Surgery Department at ISU Medical Park, Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital in Istanbul. Dr. Güllüoğlu is a renowned expert in urological health who prioritises patient care.
  • Dr. Güllüoğlu focuses on a wide range of urological problems and treatments. He specialises in controlling prostate disorders, including prostate cancer, and uses cutting-edge therapy to enhance patient outcomes.
  • His specialty includes kidney cancer, where he uses both surgical and nonsurgical techniques to give complete therapy. He also has expertise in andrology, which deals with male reproductive health concerns, and paediatric urology, which provides specialised care to younger children with urological diseases.
  • His surgical skill is highly recognised, especially when it comes to treatments for stone disorders, where he applies minimally invasive methods to improve healing and lower risks. His devotion to using state-of-the-art surgical techniques is evidence of his commitment to providing the best possible treatment.
  • Dr. Güllüoğlu’s professional ties demonstrate his active participation in the worldwide urological community. He has been a member of the European Society of Urology since 1994, starting as a junior member and progressing to full membership in 1998.
  • His managerial skill was honoured by the European Association of Urological Assistants, where he worked as the country representative from 1995 to 1997.
  • He also holds the membership of numerous prominent associations, such as the Turkish Urology Association, the Paediatric Urology Association, the Society of Endourology, and the TTB-Istanbul Medical Chamber.
  • Dr. Güllüoğlu is dedicated to strengthening urological health via clinical practice and active engagement in professional associations.
  • Prostate Diseases 
  • Prostate Cancer 
  • Kidney Cancer 
  • Andrology 
  • Pediatric Urology 
  • Prostate Cancer 
  • Surgery for Stone Diseases

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