Medical Visa from Tanzania to India

India emerges as a compelling destination for Tanzanians seeking high-quality, affordable medical treatment. Obtaining a medical visa is necessary for those who seek treatment in India.

Why India for Medical Treatment?

 -Renowned Medical Facilities:  India has world-class hospitals with cutting-edge technology and highly skilled medical professionals, providing a high standard of care.

 -Cost-Effective Procedures:  Compared to Western countries, medical procedures in India are significantly more affordable, making it an attractive option for Tanzanians.

 - Various Specialties: Indian hospitals provide a wide range of specialties, responding to a vast variety of medical needs.

Major Treatment Areas for Tanzanians in India

 -Cardiology:  Heart disease is a leading health concern in Tanzania. India excels in advanced cardiac procedures like bypass surgery, valve replacements, and angioplasty, at a fraction of the cost in Tanzania.

 -Oncology:  Cancer treatment can be expensive in Tanzania.  India offers advanced cancer care options like chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and targeted therapies, often at a fraction of the cost.

 -Organ Transplants:  For Tanzanians with organ failure, organ transplantation offers a lifeline. India has emerged as a leader in this field, providing hope and expertise at a lower cost.

Documents required for the Medical Visa Process

-A valid Tanzanian passport with at least six months of validity

-A completed online application form

-Passport photos

-Copy of preliminary medical advice stating that the applicant needs specialised treatment and has been referred to a hospital in India. Or

-Copy of appointment letter with a doctor in some recognized medical institution in India.

-Documentary proof of financial state.

-Attendant/family members escorting patient to India for medical treatment are granted medical attendant visa co-terminus with the patient's medical visa. A maximum of two people can accompany the patient as an attendant/escort. Patient is issued a medical visa, while accompanying persons are issued Medical Escort Visa. The fees for both are the same.

-Persons going on a 'Medical visa' or 'Medical Escort Visa' will be required to register themselves mandatorily well within 14 days of arrival in India with the concerned FRROs/ FROs.

Fees and Processing

The processing fee is $78 (TZS 203580), for 1 year or urgent processing, it is $114 (TZS 297540) and can be paid online or at the embassy. Processing time is two to three working days, excluding the submission date.

Flight Information

Popular flight routes from Tanzania to India;

-Dar es Salaam (DAR) to Mumbai (BOM)

-Dar es Salaam (DAR) to Delhi (DEL)

Airlines in Tanzania-India Routes

-Ethiopian Airlines


-Etihad Airways

-Qatar Airways

-Kenya Airways


Additional Information

-Visit the website of the High Commission of India in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania:

-Contact the High Commission of India in Dar es Salaam for any questions or clarifications.

-Address: Shaaban Robert Street, Plot no. 213/51, PO Box 2684, Dar es Salaam

Country and area code: +255 – 22

PABX: 2113094 / 2113096

Consular: 2113079

Fax: 2113049 / 2113092


General Inquiries:

Consular Services:

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