Medical Visa from Zambia to India

Zambia's healthcare system, while improving, can face limitations in handling complex medical cases. This has driven many Zambians to seek medical treatment abroad, with India becoming a leading destination. This article explores how to obtain a visa to India for medical purposes.

Why India for Medical Treatment?

Several factors make India an attractive option for Zambians seeking medical care:

 -Cost-Effectiveness:  India offers high-quality medical services at a significantly lower cost compared to Western nations.

 -Medical Proficiency:  Indian hospitals boast advanced facilities and a vast network of highly skilled doctors and specialists.

 -Success Rates:  India has a strong reputation in various medical fields, with renowned hospitals specializing in complex procedures.

Popular Treatment Areas for Zambians in India

Zambian patients frequently travel to India for treatment in these areas:

 -Cardiology:  Heart surgeries, bypass procedures, and advanced cardiac interventions.

 -Oncology:  Cancer care using cutting-edge techniques like radiation therapy and targeted therapies.

 -Organ Transplants:  India is a leader in organ transplant surgeries, including kidney and liver transplants.

 -Orthopedics:  Joint replacement surgeries, complex fracture repairs, and advanced spinal procedures.

Obtaining a Medical Visa for India

  • The person should be travelling for a specified treatment in India.
  • Candidates can apply online at  
  • Print the properly completed online form, then send in a signed copy.
  • Passport and photocopy, with a minimum validity of six months and two blank pages.
  • Permit for NRC/Residency (original and photocopy).
  • Certificate of yellow fever (original and photocopy).
  • Two passport-size photos taken recently (see "Photograph Guidelines").
  • A letter (original and duplicate) from a local physician or hospital stating that medical treatment in India is required.

Visa Fee and Processing

The visa fee for a single entry is 102.90 to 250 USD and the processing time is 3 working days.

Flights and Routes Available

Several airlines operate flights between Zambia and India, with connections in the Middle East or Europe. Popular routes include:

-Lusaka (LUN) - Dubai (DXB) - Mumbai (BOM) on Emirates

-Lusaka (LUN) - Addis Ababa (ADD) - Delhi (DEL) on Ethiopian Airlines

-Lusaka (LUN) - Johannesburg (JNB) - Bengaluru (BLR) on South African Airways

Additional Information

  • Visit the embassy website;

  • Contact details;

H8J5+6WX, Pandit Nehru Rd, Lusaka, Zambia

  • Tele: +260-211-253159/60
  • Fax: +260-211-254118
  • E-Mail: (High Commissioner)

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